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Human body is very complex creation. It is multitasking on hundreds of tasks every day and we are not even aware of most of these. So when something is not right with it, the body will surely start giving signs and signals that you need to address the issue.

However, the problem is that only a few people are knowledgeable enough to understand these warning sings are presented in the from of certain symptoms. Your body will try to get your attention to address a certain issue by causing some discomfort to your, by swelling a part of it, or by consuming more body energy than normal for doing even normal tasks.

Most of people do not notice these messages and even if they notice, they brush these aside until a stage comes when it becomes really difficult for them to do the day to day tasks of life.

One of the possible reasons that your body will start to send warning symptoms and signals is when its toxicity levels have been building up for some time and a point has come when these are at a dangerous level. And if you have reached that point that you surely will be feeling quite bad overall.

A lot many things can be done to keep your body in the best of health by keeping an eye on whether body and mind are showing any signs which can be linked with toxins buildup inside the body.

When it comes to mind, the most common symptom is fog. Your thinking abilities will be severely impaired and you will not be able to think with clarity about most things.

At first, you might even not note at all that your mind has slowed down processing things but after some time and with the continuous buildup of toxins, this mental fog will only get worse and too difficult to ignore.

Mental fog does not present in the same way for all and it varies with different persons, again also depending on the toxins level that has built up inside the body and how your body is reacting to this situation. And it is quite scary to test how toxins are affecting your body.

In fact, it is quite possible that many lab tests may not able to reveal the underlying cause when you are having a problem. However, your body will show signs of fatigue and drained energy when there is build up of toxins in your body.

And when left unattended, this fatigue will eventually reach a point where you will find that your body is not able to function normally. And fatigue caused by toxins build up is generally under-diagnosed because the physicians will want to rule out the other attributing conditions first.

When toxins have been part of your body for quite some time, it saps the energy stores that your body has and this is the reason that you feel so drained for energy. A stage comes when human body can not handle this. Your body does try to flush out toxins when these are building up inside your body but unfortunately for many people the human body just can not keep up with the levels that are building up all the time because of the environmental and other factors.

And this is precisely the reason that you need a detox to flush out these toxins. When you go through a detox plan, you effectively cleanse your body of all this toxins built up over time. You will be surprised how it will bring clarity of mind and how you will feel feel more energetic again.