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Right now our bodies are carrying far higher levels of toxins than we are actually aware of. These body toxins can negatively affect your body and healthy and in fact some of these are dangerous enough to shorten your lifespan if they reach a certain level.

A lot of people believe that their bodies are either toxins free or they are carrying only traces of toxins without knowing that we are constantly exposed to thousands of toxins even inside our homes and where we live.

Toxins can be a lot of different things but more importantly most of these are chemicals. And these chemical based toxins can come from anything around you – your blankets, your mattress, the foods you are eating, the floors and even what you drink.

When toxins get inside your body, it tries its every bit of strength to flush out these toxins because body knows that it has to protect itself from these toxins. And one of the most common way that body removes toxins is by excretion via kidneys

But as the build up of toxins inside our bodies continues unabated, the body tries to excrete these as waste and also by pushing these out of the skin pores. But these toxins are so many and the build up can be so fast that a time comes when you need some kind of help to get rid of these toxins.

And this is why detoxing is so useful in these situations. You eliminate the build up of toxins when you detox, give a boost to you health and your immune system is also strengthened in the process. And one possible way of doing body detox is by using the chelation detoxing process.

Chelation therapy is something that doctors use to rid human bodies of heavy metal toxins. The process goes like this that the patients gets a dose of EDTA or Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid through an intravenous injection over several visits.

However, fortunately you can spare yourself of this injection pain because there are also other natural ways to detoxify your body using chelation. The natural process uses a mix of chlorella and cilantro.

Cilantro, which is also named as coriander, is a naturally occurring herb from the parsley family and it is well known for its medicinal purposes. It is full of antioxidant properties. Additionally it is rich in fiber and other essential oils too.

This herb is known for giving a boost to your health to make it better prepared for fighting disease. Its anti-inflammation properties are also well known and its effectiveness in removing the mercury toxins from the body is well documented. The other product that we use for natural detoxification of body is Chlorella which is fresh water alga. It also has vitamin C, antioxidants, Vitamin B and iron.

Chlorella’s main ingredient that help in removing body toxins is cholorphyll. The green plants get their green color from chlorophyll. But it is beneficial for removing metal toxins from the human body and from the blood by using a binding process.

Chlorella is available at major health stores in different forms. Use it in combination with cilantro as a combination chelation process.